A system that will always provide the most optimum products
This material, “iron”, seems simple, but actually is quite difficult to handle.
The market price is continually changing, and it is not easy for customers to make sure that they get the best quantity at the best price for the iron products they need.
So, on our own, we hold ample quantities of such iron products.
We are subcontracting with reliable partners to carry out production and processing of these products.Over many years, we have built a track record of ensuring products with the quality that our customers are seeking.
Ability to solve problems
The value that we offer to customers is the know-how we have from thoroughly pursuing cost-effectiveness and combining products in the best way for satisfying the customer’s specifications and intended use of them.
By using a variety of products, we can dramatically lower costs while maintaining quality. In this way, we believe that our mission is to increase customer profitability.
Tokyo branch
We originally used to expand markets in kanto(eastern japan) area by our employees’ bussiness trip.
However, we finally opened our tokyo branch on oct, 2023, and this opening enables us to provide customers valuable informations promptly.
Delivery Management

Our sales volume is about 80 thousand tons.
Delivery Management is a central management department that handles all vouchers related to sales and purchases.
We have specialized vehicle and transportation companies deliver goods from the warehouse to the processing destination and to users.
By shortening delivery times as well as improving delivery efficiency and tamping down delivery costs, we are working every day to achieve even the slightest reductions in prices so as to satisfy our customers.

Main Tasks

  • Delivery request to exclusive car and transport company
  • Sales management, purchase accounting management, payable check payment check
  • Inventory management of bonded warehouse, business warehouse
  • Invoice check for delivery request
  • Storage fee check of bonded warehouse, business warehouse
Processing Management

We use subcontractors for all our processed goods.
We have sales in all parts of Japan, including the Kansai, Kanto, Tokai, and Kyushu areas.
In each area, we have coil center and shearing processing companies that we work closely with.
We are building a network that delivers processed items requested by each user in a timely manner.

Main Tasks

  • Delivery date management of processed goods
  • Acceptance processing of processed products, cost control
  • Inventory management such as loading of processing base materials, shipping products, deposited inventory
  • Check processing fee