代表取締役社長 佐渡島 宇平
Trust First
As an iron and steel product distributor, with an emphasis on steel sheets for construction as our leading products, our motto is “Trust First” – fostering trust in us by our Customers in Japan and around the world by delivering full satisfaction.
Growing overseas expansion
Thirty percent of our business is exported products. We have a track record of exporting to Southeast Asian countries. Going forward, we seek to not only sell materials, but also expand our presence around the world, with an eye toward deeper engagement in Southeast Asian countries and regions.
Tackling challenges and reforming
Responding to changes of the times, we are boldly and aggressively tackling challenges to transform and expand.To accomplish this goal, we aim to be a company that listens to the voices of our Customers and responds to their changing needs without being tied to conventional fixed ideas. We seek to grow and contribute to society together with our Customers.We ask for your continued support.

We appreciate your continued support and further appreciation.